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What Qualifies a Product as "Made in America?"
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What Qualifies a Product as "Made in America?"

Seeing "Made in America" carries an expectation that these words are accurate and truthful. With all the changes and awareness of outsourcing to overseas companies, there's more demand for American-produced items.

Claiming something as "Made in America" is more complicated than just constructing the item in the USA, so BSM North America is here to explain what it takes to create a product that carries the American name.

What Does 'Made in America' Mean?

The official label of "Made in America" or "Made in the USA" is an official definition by the Federal Trade Commission.

This means that any products from steering wheel columns to clothes have to be entirely or nearly entirely made in the United States. There are precise rules and regulations, which have been clearly defined in documentation with the FTC.

With the disruption of supply chains in recent history, manufacturing support is growing in America. So, to be "Made in America," the product needs to have at least 55% of its components produced in the U.S. As time progresses, new laws may force that percentage to rise.

The FTC also requires that significant parts that go into the product must be of U.S. origin and not contain foreign content.

This means that tubing that you might find in a gas grill may be imported from Mexico, but since the tubing is considered a minor part, the grill can still be labeled as "Made in America" as long as the rest of the gas grill is made with U.S. components.

Why Choose American-Made Products?

With international outsourcing at an all-time high, this leaves us questioning why it is beneficial to pick American-made products, so here are just a few reasons.

Increasing Job Opportunities for Americans

The fact is, when you're choosing products made in other countries, you are outsourcing jobs from Americans.

BSM North America is a quality-driven company, and we know that our team is more than just welders and assemblers. We value the ability to create opportunities that better the lives of our workers and increase our community's well-being.

A Lower Carbon Footprint Than Goods Made in India or China

Keeping a low carbon footprint means implementing sustainable practices and staying ahead when it comes to industry trends.

Streamlining our customer's designs and providing them with products straight from the source means less use of natural materials because the products don't need to be imported or exported overseas.

Fair Treatment & Pay for Workers

Our workers help make our company great, and aside from our commitment to quality and service, we're also committed to ensuring that our workers are paid and treated fairly.

We know that satisfied employees create a ripple effect, from greater family and home life to enhanced craftsmanship and attention to detail; we always strive for excellence when it comes to our workers.

Better Safety & Environmental Regulations On the Products

The increased use of machinery also requires better safety and environmental regulations, and we do our part by implementing several strategies, including:

●        Machine-assisted manufacturing to help keep our workers safer

●        Near sourcing to reduce the environmental impact via transport

●        Laser marking for more intricate features and reducing the need for extra solvents and consumables

A Boost to our Economy

Aside from bolstering employment, purchasing American-made products helps negate the trade imbalance often found in the U.S. that can come with imports.

American products are also held up to the most rigid standards, so you're getting a high-quality product made to be durable, need less replacement, and are not subjected to the potential damage that can happen in overseas transport.

And when you invest in companies like BSM North America, you can trust that we utilize advanced technology created through the highest standards in quality. We have dedicated engineers who handle every aspect of the manufacturing process, and we value our customers, which may not be the case when you are dealing with overseas products.

Picking products made in the U.S. can offer a higher quality item that meets standards and requirements to keep their workers safe and produce products that are long-lasting and built with care.

And with more than 60% of shoppers willing to pay up to 10% more for American-made products, it makes sense to choose "Made in America."

Locally Trusted Machining & Fabrication Services

As you consider your options, consider choosing American-made products as the right choice because it has undeniable benefits. The dedicated team at BSM North America takes pride in offering expert services in industrial fabrication or commercial machining in Minnesota that our clients know and trust.

Our engineers are ready to help you get started with a streamlined solution, so message us online or call us at 952-890-8146 for more information. 

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