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Best Practices for Worker Safety During Covid 19
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Best Practices for Worker Safety During Covid 19

Even with more vaccines rolling out by the day, it still remains important for industrial fabrication and commercial machining companies like us to take precautions to keep valued workers safe. Those who work with CNC machinery are a valuable part of what takes a custom steering wheel column design and construction from start to finish—plus, keeping people healthy is just the right thing to do.

Read on to learn a few industry-specific safety tips from BSM North America, your Burnsville providers of steering columns and the engineering services that make them.

Leaders Must Stress CDC Guidelines

It’s a no-brainer: we all should be following these guidelines, inside the industry and out. However, implementing these guidelines on a company-wide scale is a little less straightforward.

Since it’s impossible to supervise every worker at every moment of the day, company leaders must strive to set good examples and build a safety culture in the workplace—this motivates workers to make good sanitation choices on their own. This can include, but is not limited to

●        Putting up signs that remind employees to practice social distancing

●        Making parts of the facility employee-only

●        Providing masks for employees

●        Practicing flexibility if an employee reports feeling unwell

When safety comes from the inside-out, it tends to stick around a bit more than if it were solely strictly enforced. We at BSM North America are working hard to make our workspace as safe as our products.

Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in Worker Safety

While it isn’t necessary for Covid protection to cost an arm and a leg, it is an investment, and one that no business in our industry should shy away from. Everything from signs to the aforementioned flexibility will accumulate costs, be them time or money, somewhere along the line. Yes, it might feel a little unfair to have such an unexpected and stress-inducing expense, but it’s a necessary one if you care about your workers and their wellbeing.

We at BSM North America know that what might look most cost-effective for a product on paper might not be what’s most affordable overall—just as doing what’s most cost-effective for your business in the short-term might not save your workers health or your company money when all is said and done. That’s why we’re doing whatever it takes to ensure employee comfort and health.

BSM North America: Industrial Parts Fabrication Pros Who Care About Safety

If we prioritize worker well-being and (obviously) value the safety of all, then imagine what kinds of results we can give you when it comes to our steering columns. For steering products that fit your off-road machines’ needs, give our Burnsville office a call today at 952-890-8146.

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