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BSM: Your Trusted E-Steering Manufacturer

If you want to do away with hydraulic steering on your off-highway vehicle, BSM North America is ready to assist! We develop and manufacture quality e-steering and steer-by-wire components.

Prompt Service

We’re proud of our quick turnaround times and prompt customer service. We provide consistent communication and updates so you can get the component you need as soon as possible.

Customizable Options

Our qualified engineers work with you to create the e-steering adapter or mechanical stop that your machine requires. No matter the specifications, we can craft a component that will work with your vehicle.

Based in the United States

Every step of your piece’s development happens right here in America. Our friendly and dedicated engineers and manufacturers are highly experienced in product development.

If you’re in need of a part for your e-steering or steer-by-wire vehicle, BSM North America is ready to help! Our combination of flexible creativity combined with expertise in product manufacturing allows us to create steering accessories and applications specifically for your vehicle.

The Benefits of E-Steering & Steer-By-Wire

The future of steering is here, and benefits await! To speak with one of our engineers about your new steering piece, contact BSM North America today at 952-890-8146.

Benefits of E-Steering

Electronic steering is an alternative steering option compared to hydraulic. E-steering utilizes a conventional rack and pinion system in order to be controlled by the vehicle’s on-board computer. The electronic motor allows the operator to manage the vehicle’s steering.

  • Unlike hydraulic steering, electronic steering doesn’t rely on fluids to operate.
  • Hydraulic steering can often leak fluids and consume more fuel compared to e-steering.
  • E-steering can make for a more economical and reliable choice when it comes to your off-road vehicle.

BSM North America can provide the steering accessories and components necessary for your e-steering system’s success. We work with your vehicle’s design to craft components tailored to its specific requirements.

Benefits of Steer-By-Wire

Steer-by-wire is a generally new adaptation in the world of off-highway vehicles. With electrically controlled motors, steer-by-wire systems completely remove the physical connection between the steering wheel and the vehicle’s wheels.

  • Because steer by wire systems require fewer parts, your vehicle may be lighter and therefore more fuel-efficient.
  • Steer-by-wire vehicles may also require less maintenance.

If you’re in need of specific components for your steer-by-wire vehicle, BSM North America is ready to step in! We have a team of expert engineers capable of designing necessary accessories and pieces that will allow your vehicle to operate with efficiency and precision.

Your Trusted Off-Highway Vehicle Product Manufacturer

For quality off-highway, e-steering, and steer-by-wire products, contact BSM North America! We have over 30 years of experience designing and crafting quality steering columns, accessories, and other custom products for off-highway vehicles.

Speak with one of our qualified engineers about your vehicle’s new piece by calling us at 952-890-8146.

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