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What Qualifies a Product as "Made in America?"

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Seeing "Made in America" carries an expectation that these words are accurate and truthful. With all the changes and awareness of outsourcing to overseas companies, there's more demand for American-produced items. Claiming something as "Made in America" is more complicated than just constructing the item in the USA, so BSM North America is here to explain what it takes to create a product that carries the American name.

How Does Four-Wheel Steering Work?

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At BSM North America, we're devoted to embracing modern technological advances. Just check out our blogs, for instance, on CNC machining and water-jet cutting. By harnessing the power of these new feats of engineering, we're able to provide faster turnaround times, more precise products, and, at the end of the day, a more satisfied customer.

Innovations in Advanced Manufacturing That Support Sustainability

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Going green is certainly the trendy thing to do across various industries—but it's the ethical one, too, especially when it comes to commercial machining and industrial fabrication. The United States Environmental Protection Agency says the industrial sector accounted for a whopping 23% of the United States' greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.

Laser Marking: How It Works & Its Benefits

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Many products made via industrial fabrication and commercial machining must be labeled to comply with federal law and help businesses keep track of which part is which. But if the product is used for applications where physical integrity is critical, as with steering columns, the marking process carries a high risk, as any engraving could compromise a part's strength.