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How Localized Manufacturing With BSM Will Help Your Business Succeed
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How Localized Manufacturing With BSM Will Help Your Business Succeed

A while back on our steering column blog, in the entry “Manufacturing Trends: The Rise of Localized Manufacturing and Near-Sourcing,” we touched on a couple trends in manufacturing, including localization. We described how the pandemic’s troubled supply chains were remedied by it, and why it is becoming an increasingly popular way of satisfying customer needs.

What we have not yet explored, though, is how a choice to localize directly affects your business model and your bottom line – why becoming more in-tune with local markets is beneficial, and how partnering with your local experts at BSM North America is conducive to helping you accomplish this.

Let’s take a deep dive into the topic below!

Familiarity With Local Market Fuels Profits

Customer demand across space will vary for quite a few reasons, including climate, economy, and needs, to name a few. While these same things may also be at play in local manufacturing industries, focusing on only local industry means you’ll maintain the agility needed to to combat them.

You’ll also only need to shift your product to account for those isolated changes, instead of trying to please a broad and differentiated customer base. Getting products in consumer hands – and money in your pocket – becomes all the easier.  

How BSM Helps

Based in Burnsville, Minnesota, we pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround times and small product batches – just the custom steering column production process you need to target your local niche.

Staying Local Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Customers enjoy shopping from local businesses; There’s something deeply fulfilling about supporting one’s own community. By prioritizing a localized approach, your company already has an edge when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Plus, because you work hard to monitor your local customer’s needs, you’re able to quickly provide for them, thanks to your close geographic proximity. How’s that for customer satisfaction?

How BSM Helps

Again, our rapid turnaround times when it comes to our off-road steering columns mean that you can quickly fulfil local customer needs.

We are top-of-the-line problem solvers. If your clientele has ultra-specific requirements that standard steering wheel columns can’t satisfy, we’re up for the challenge of designing you a custom one.

BSM North America: Here to Help You Succeed

As localization becomes the norm for more and more businesses, we’re here to help yours succeed with our close and consistent communication and steering wheel column creation processes tailored to satisfying the local market. Give our Burnsville office a call today at 952-890-8146.

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