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BSM North America can provide a prototype for your mining machine in as little as two to three weeks!


We develop innovative designs that can enhance any type of mining vehicle or machine.


We offer American-made quality! Our team creates every product right here in the U.S.


Our team of talented engineers customize products to fit with your machine’s unique design and requirements.


Mining requires precision and efficiency for success, which is why your mining machinery and vehicles should be equipped with the highest quality products and pieces. BSM North America has the technology and expertise to create the products you need for a durable and reliable mining machine. To speak with one of our engineers about the development of your next product, give us a call today at 952-890-8146.

Quality Mining Steering Columns & Accessories

Mining machines must lift, move, and manage a variety of heavy and valuable earth materials. Equipping your mining machine with quality products is essential to your machine’s dependability and success.

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t skip out on durable pieces when building your machine:

  • For optimal success, a mining machine must perform and operate with the utmost efficiency. Because of this, BSM ensures that we design each piece with reliability and accuracy in mind.
  • Your mining machine should perform for years without failure. Our team designs and builds each product with durable materials to maximize your machine’s lifespan.
  • A machine that repeatedly breaks down and requires maintenance will damage your productivity. By equipping your mining machines with products that last, you’ll be able to maximize your team’s productivity and efficiency.


For quality steering columns, accessories, and other OEM products, contact BSM North America today! Our engineers will expertly design and build products capable of enhancing your machine’s performance and reliability.