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Construction Steering Wheel Columns & Accessories


We don’t make you wait long for results! BSM creates prototypes in a matter of two to three weeks.


BSM North America is proudly located in the U.S. All of our products are made with quality and durability at the forefront.


We craft innovative designs for construction machinery and vehicles, utilizing creativity and research to develop designs.


We take the time to customize every component to meet your construction vehicle’s specific design and requirements.


BSM North America creates quality steering columns, accessories, and components for construction machines and vehicles. We can help ensure that your vehicle meets all the necessary performance and safety requirements with a customized piece or accessory.

Why Choose BSM North America?

There are several reasons why our construction products are the best of the best!

  • We properly and expertly design and manufacture high-quality construction vehicle products.
  • We create a variety of construction vehicle products, including steering columns and custom consoles.
  • The engineers at BSM North America bring unmatched knowledge and experience to every product development project.
  • BSM is committed to growth and development! We continuously design innovative and adaptable construction machine solutions.

For quality construction products, contact BSM North America today! Our team of experienced engineers will take the time to understand your vehicle’s design and specific requirements. Call us now at 952-890-8146.