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Why Choose BSM North America for Custom Steering Columns?
BSM North America

Why Choose BSM North America for Custom Steering Columns?

The steering column is a crucial interface between vehicle and driver. Without maneuverability, ease-of-use, and reliability, your machinery can’t provide a great user experience or perform at its best. Not to mention, a machine that doesn’t work seamlessly with its operator can be a substantial safety risk to everyone around it.

When you partner with BSM North America, rest assured you’ll be getting custom steering columns that both keep future users safe and let your machines function to their fullest capacity.

Why Choose BSM North America?

BSM North America is a quality-driven, Burnsville, Minnesota company that's commitment to customer service is unparalleled. We’re more than just a team of engineers and commercial machining and industrial fabrication professionals – we’re the country’s top providers of custom steering solutions.

We’re Always Looking to the Future

Just as your machinery is constantly evolving, so are we. Our team strives to think outside the box to provide you with customized, safe, and innovative steering column solutions.

Fast Turnaround

We know your time is precious, and we know what’s on the line when it comes to getting products to market. That’s why we emphasize speed in our process without sacrificing our promise of quality along the way.

We Go the Extra Mile

From our numerous secondary services to our drive to exceed your expectations, we spare no effort in everything that we do. Just like your machines, we always endeavor to go above and beyond industry standard.

We’re Transparent and Communicative

Throughout the entire process of creating your custom steering column, we stay honest and connected with you so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. As you’ll see in our blog on the product development process when it comes to off-road steering columns, there are several points throughout the timeline that we touch base with you, the customer. We understand that a custom solution must be one that’s perfectly tailor-made to your vehicle, and the only way we can achieve this is through maximum transparency and communicativeness.

We Stay Abreast of, Yet Critical of, Industry Trends and Movements

One look at our blog and you’ll see that we’ve got more than a foot in the off-road steering column industry. We’re neck deep in it! From discussing the benefits of electric vehicles and near-sourcing to musing on the causes of the current supply chain crisis, we work hard to understand the role our company plays in the larger picture—and how we can best fulfill that role.

On our blog, we also investigate industry trends, such as advanced manufacturing. We consider how what we do relates to these trends and how these trends relate to our values—before adopting or discarding them so as to craft a process that can bring only the best to our custom steering column clients.

Proven Results: Our Case Study

We’re not big on lip service; we’re big on results. If you’re looking for proof that BSM North America can bring you the best in off-road steering column manufacturing, check out our case study on our product development, which details what we do from start to finish, along with how it affected product timelines. What could have taken 18 months was cut down to 6 with our design and prototyping skills.

We work hard to get you the products you need quickly without sacrificing quality or service.

Contact BSM North America for the High-Quality Steering Columns Your Machines Need

Our Burnsville team would be proud to contribute to your company’s legacy. Give us a call today at 952-890-8146.

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