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The Value of BSM North America's Engineering and Design Services
BSM North America
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The Value of BSM North America's Engineering and Design Services

At BSM North America we’re proud of the work that we do—and we always will be. Our unique, personalized approach to service and our innovative yet standardized way of creating off-road steering columns combine to ensure that our clients receive nothing but the best customer experience.

But what, exactly, makes that experience so great? What’s the secret to our success? While we can’t spill it all in a single blog post, below we’ll let you in on just what sort of amazing experience you’ll be getting into when working with BSM North America.

We’re Great at Fast Turnaround Times

No matter if we are hired for industrial fabrication or a steering column, we at BSM pride ourselves on our ability to get you what you need—and fast. We accomplish this through our embracing of modern CNC technology, which we discuss on our commercial machining blog, and our sheer proximity to you. We’re located right here in Minnesota!

Our location within the U.S. enables us and you to take advantage of near-sourcing. Industry Week defines near-sourcing as “a business placing some of its operations close to where its end-products are sold.” As we cover in-depth on our blog on the subject, this means that we can circumnavigate supply chain issues and get your products to you quicker.

Custom Steering Wheel Columns to Perfectly Suit Your Needs

When it comes to steering columns—or any commercial machining-made part, for that matter—”good enough” is never “good enough.” Each product must be matched exactly to specifications, and those specifications must be perfectly tailored to each customer’s specific needs. At BSM, we take the exacting nature of engineers and bring it to our customer service process, which means that our work always comes out on top.

Forward-Thinking Engineers Create Innovative Solutions

We do not shy away from new technology or making the most out of market trends, as evidenced by our numerous blogs on both—check out, for instance, our entry on recent sustainability-related innovations.We also bring this future-first spirit to individual projects, as shown by how we revolutionized the production process for a certain steering column. We do not mass-produce solutions; we take the time to create insightful ones for each project we take on.

BSM North America: When Only Top-Quality Will Do

Our team of Burnsville engineers would be thrilled to start work on your project! Reach our office today at 952-890-8146.

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