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Why the Need for Small, Flexible Manufacturers Is Growing
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Why the Need for Small, Flexible Manufacturers Is Growing

As the world of commercial machining continues to rapidly expand, there’s an underlying demand for specificity, customization, and precision when it comes to the expectations for quality OEM parts and machinery. While the machining market approaches an estimated market value of nearly $415 billion, vehicle manufacturer companies of all sizes are beginning to depend on more stable, modest, and adaptable console design services to satisfy the growing need for more unique and intricate off-highway vehicle accessories.

To put it simply, custom-made components are becoming more crucial than ever for accommodating vehicle manufacturers. While plenty of people might assume a more ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to steering systems, the reality is that custom part specialists are shifting industry standards for delivering superior interior and console design, essentially because of their ability to cater to specificity and flexibility needs.

Let’s dig a little deeper into exploring the increasing demand for smaller, localized, and personalized OEM product manufactures.

Benefits of Bespoke Manufacturing

Bespoke manufacturing is essentially a fancy term for ‘customized’ modeling. When it comes to the machinery of construction and other off-highway vehicles, you can compare their parts to snowflakes, in the sense that no two parts are rarely alike.

That’s why bespoke manufacturers offer convenient and flexible vehicle control solutions that a lot of Multinational manufacturers can’t deliver on. You can break down the primary benefits of bespoke manufacturing into four distinct advantages:

Unique Volume Needs

Independent bespoke manufactures are capable of fulfilling lower or specific volume orders that larger machinery and parts design distributors shy away from.

Affordable Prices

Not having to exceed budgets on higher volume demands allows for saving money on customized manufacturing needs.

Innovative Product Development

Smaller bespoke manufacturers tend to be on the cutting edge when it comes to developing the latest machining and fabrication designs that will thrive in a variety of operating conditions.

Project-Based Perspective

Bespoke manufacturers can cater to a wider variety of intricate and intimate design projects, rather than having to focus solely on meeting quotas for a limited list of parts.

Emphasis on Specificity

Perhaps the biggest need for smaller, flexible designers and parts distributors is the convenience of having a team of experts zero in on a vehicle manufacturer's specific needs. Because their staffs are so used to catering to a wider variety of industries and vehicle types, it’s easier for them to focus on more distinct priorities for clients, such as customized console designs or adhering to steering accessory needs.

Direct Lines of Communication

One of the more overlooked advantages to working with bespoke manufacturers is having the peace of mind that you can pick up the phone and talk to an expert in no time. Time is always of the essence on the assembly line, which is why waiting around or being stuck on hold with larger OEM distributors is always a headache in the making. With bespoke manufacturers, you can all but guarantee the utmost customer satisfaction.

Straight to the Source

At BSM North America, we’re an experienced and proven OEM product manufacturer that’s eager to work with whatever engineering, design, or machinery needs you need fulfilled. If you’re looking for outstanding service at your beck and call, contact us today to learn how BSM North American will cater to your product needs, or give us a call at 952-890-8146.

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