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Products & Features Your Off-Highway Vehicle Should Have in 2023
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Products & Features Your Off-Highway Vehicle Should Have in 2023

With the advancement of technology and machinery, your off-highway vehicle’s products can meet your design’s requirements in more ways than one. There are several features your off-highway vehicle should contain in order to be successful with your users. BSM North America is able to provide you with the accessories and products you need to ensure all aspects of your machine are going beyond your users’ expectations.

Top Features for Off-Highway Steering

Off-highway vehicles need the highest efficiency and compatibility with the driver's needs to make the process more manageable. Working with reliability, preciseness, and efficiency is crucial, and the primary focus for 2023 is enhancing these experiences. There are a few key features to consider, including:

Enhanced Control

Steering control is one of the biggest priorities to help improve the essential functions of off-highway vehicles. Most of these vehicles have been using hydrostatic power steering, but because it is based on how much hydraulic pressure there is and can cause limitations on the vehicle's precision. This is why customized steering consoles can contribute to a higher-efficiency level regardless of your power steering system because they are streamlined to fit your needs through advanced designs.

Streamlined Ergonomics

Off-highway vehicles can range from your favorite quad to a forklift or crane used in construction. In both scenarios, you need maximum support because this can help improve the overall reliability and performance of the individual behind the wheel, and ergonomics plays a crucial role. Sitting for long hours combined with road vibration can cause back pain and overextension if levers or critical components are out of reach for the driver.

Proper positioning in 2023 means their head can be in a neutral position, the backrest needs to be slightly reclined, and their elbows and shoulders should be relaxed to help with fatigue management and reduce the risk of injury. From customized steering columns to strategically designed shifters, this can contribute to higher levels of ergonomics and a more comfortable experience for the driver.

Customized Steering Wheels

Another item to consider for 2023 is customized steering wheels. The dimensions, specifications, and other details can directly affect not only the ergonomics of the vehicle but how the steering column functions. The size and grip will also affect the comfort and ease of use behind the wheel, making customization features like powder coating and proper sizing a crucial addition to your vehicle. 

Steering Columns with Tilt Capabilities

If your design requires a tilt steering wheel, you shouldn’t be left with little to no options. At BSM, we offer a range of tilt steering wheel designs to add to your off-highway vehicle’s layout.

With a five-position mechanical tilt frame and a 40-degree range of pivot, our tilt steering wheel provides optimal usability and performance. We also offer telescoping tilt, floor tilt, and telescoping floor tilt steering columns for your design’s requirements. We also provide a number of additional advanced steering column options for you to choose from!

Quality Console

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your machine’s interior. With cutting-edge equipment and advanced technology, BSM is able to manufacture customizable consoles capable of enhancing any vehicle’s design. This year, you should ensure your vehicle contains a console that promotes usability and optimal control.

Operable with tilt and floor tilt vehicles, our Tri-Comp Console will advance your vehicle’s design. The console’s Kydex thermoplastic will provide your users with a durable and impact-resistant operating system.

Quality Electronic Steering Solutions

In 2023, you can continue to expect the electro-hydraulic and steer-by-wire systems to grow in popularity. These E-steering systems provide a more efficient and simplified design, as E-steering and steer-by-wire systems don’t utilize hydraulic pumps or pistons to operate.

Keep your off-highway vehicle’s design modern and relevant with advanced electronic solutions such as E-steer adapters and mechanical stops. These pieces will ensure your E-steering system is working properly and efficiently. At BSM, we offer manufacturing services for our friction hold mechanical stop, self-centering mechanical stop, as well as a compact self-centering mechanical stop.

Advanced Steering Accessories

The year 2023 brings about new design opportunities and intricate user requirements to meet. Because of these changes, you will need high-end steering accessories that advance your vehicle’s design. From durable shifters to horn buttons capable of maximizing your driver’s safety, there are a number of accessories your next vehicle should contain. At BSM North America, we manufacture cutting-edge accessories and features that can help establish your vehicle as a highly demanded off-highway machine of 2023.

Contact BSM North America for Your Machine’s Products

At BSM North America, we know what it takes to keep your vehicle updated with all of the latest advancements in OEM technology. From customizable steering columns to consoles that effectively contain all of your machine’s necessary components and controls, there are a variety of products you should add to your vehicle’s design.

If you’re interested in adding quality, American-made pieces to your off-highway vehicle, contact BSM North America today. Our engineers will ensure your vehicle’s unique requirements are included in your products’ designs. We’ll also provide you with a quick turnaround time so you can start advancing your machine as soon as possible. Give our team of expert engineers a call today at 952-890-8146. We look forward to working with you!

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