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Advanced Manufacturing Processes: What They Are & How They’re Used
BSM North America

Advanced Manufacturing Processes: What They Are & How They’re Used

Industrial fabrication and commercial machining are complex worlds with lots of jargon thrown around. Here’s some for example: At BSM North America, we specialize in OEM steering systems, steering accessories, e-steering and steer-by-wire features, and console designs. 

We’re here to make sure you’re fully aware of all that could go on when we manufacture your next off-road steering column. Your understanding of the process ensures that you get exactly what you want!

As steering column specialists for off-road machines, we’re well equipped to explain advanced manufacturing processes and how they’re used. 

Let’s dive in!

What Is Advanced Manufacturing?

The manufacturing of any given good can be divided into three separate categories: primary, secondary, and advanced. 

These terms aren’t hard-and-fast, so it’s a bit difficult to define them in their entirety, especially when it comes to advanced manufacturing, as it deals with new paradigms. According to Minaprem, advanced manufacturing refers to any manufacturing process that converts raw materials directly into a finished product, whereas the two other processes work together in order to achieve the same goal. 

However, “advanced manufacturing” also can be used to refer to tech that’s simply new in the industry, or an innovative use of old tech.

Examples of advanced manufacturing include CNC machining, a computer-aided process which we discussed in detail in our custom steering column blog, The Benefits of CNC Machining

According to the FDA, “Every field has a different set of production techniques that are considered advanced,” so it’s always best to consult with your manufacturing pro if the meaning for your field is unclear.

Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Going green is critical, and most industries are jumping into this trend at full speed. With 24% of the United States' greenhouse gasses contributed by the industrial sector, it is even more critical to find ways to reduce consumption and energy waste.

There are several solutions companies are using to minimize the impacts, and they include near sourcing, machine-assisted manufacturing, and streamlined consumption. 

Near Sourcing

Near sourcing

Near sourcing is the action of shortening a supply chain geographically. This approach reduces supply chain bottlenecking, resulting in fewer energy expenditures due to fewer transportation requirements.

Machine-Assisted Manufacturing 

Machines are also helping to increase sustainability practices. While skilled workers will always be needed, reduction means fewer mistakes are made, meaning less parts are required and excess energy spent on replacements. 

Machine-assisted manufacturing also helps keep workers safer, because when you have healthy workers, you will have a higher efficiency in energy use.

Streamlined Consumption

Another critical factor is understanding fast data and comprehensive analysis of how the consumer utilizes products, measured throughout the supply chain by studying material components. 

The research helps businesses make more sustainable choices and pick suppliers committed to environmentally ethical practices.

Where Is Advanced Manufacturing Used?

Advanced Manufacturing

Lots of places! From the medical field to right here at BSM North America with our CNC milling and CNC turning, this catch-all term refers to the boundary-pushing, innovative tech that leads to fast turnaround times and new solutions to previously unsolvable problems. 

It’s used by companies like us who embrace new approaches to bring the ultimate in customer service. In fact, we attribute our notoriously speedy turnaround times and solution-based mindset to having some advanced manufacturing techniques in our back pocket. 

By using advanced manufacturing where needed but with respect to tradition, we’ve revolutionized the manufacturing process and are passing the benefits on to you.

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