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Proper Horn Brush Assembly Replacement
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Proper Horn Brush Assembly Replacement

Horns on off-highway machines are a critical part of the device’s safety equipment. Even though they might not be going as fast as a commuter car, large machinery can mean larger blind spots, and the potential for a careless pedestrian to wander in can never be completely eliminated!

Perhaps that’s why horn components in the steering column are so complex and interconnected, with each one playing a critical role in the device’s function. The horn brush assembly, for example, ensures that the horn can operate through the steering wheel column even through continuous rotation.

Because this device undergoes quite a bit of friction as it operates, though, you may find that it requires replacement now and again. Luckily, with the right progression of steps, it’s quite a simple job!

Removing the Old Horn Brush

Before beginning any work, disconnect your machine’s battery. Replacing a horn brush requires a bit of dexterity, and there’s no sense risking getting shocked!

Next, disconnect the horn wire from the horn brush assembly. If you’re not sure where the two connect, examine your replacement part, which should look quite similar to the horn brush you have installed. This will show you where one component ends and another begins.

Third, find the two screws on your horn brush assembly and remove them. Our standard KHBA replacement kits come with new screws, so you can discard the old ones.

Finally, once the screws have been removed, take the horn brush assembly out of the off-road steering column.

Mid-Process Cleaning

Now that you’ve gutted your steering column, take the opportunity to clean it out and lubricate it.

Using a cotton swab, wipe off grease and residue from the slip ring on the shaft through the horn brush hole.

Apply new grease from the capsule to the slip-ring area when finished.

Inserting the New Horn Brush

Installing the new horn brush takes some care to insert properly so pay attention to the included diagram from the KHBA kit.

1.      Insert new horn brush into the hole. Take care not to deform or distort any parts in any way, as post-procedure operation will be compromised. Ensure the horn bush contact is pointing in the same direction as the factory installed position.

2.      Attach horn brush assembly to the steering column with two brand-new screws.

3.      Torque screws to no more than 25 in.lbs. To prevent stripping.

4.      Reattach the vehicle horn wire to the horn brush assembly, reconnect your battery, and you’re home free!

Need Maintenance Help With our Models? BSM North America Is Here to Provide

Whether it’s a standard or custom steering column, we’ve got kits on hand that provide all the necessary parts you’ll need for this regular maintenance activity.

With questions about the workings of any of our steering wheel columns, feel free to give our Burnsville location a call at 952-890-8146. We’re here to help!

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