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Tri-Comp Console

Our new tri-comp console is a compact and convenient solution to housing common vehicle controls directly on the steering column. The steering column is the most natural location to place critical vehicle controls since it is already the focal point of operators.

The Tri-Comp Console was developed with these features in mind:

  • De-clutter dash panels to create clear line-of-sight from the vehicle.
  • Ergonomic control of critical electronic functions.
  • Compact and flexible design for any application.


  • Available on most columns currently offered, very common on tilt and floor tilt models.
  • Manufactured from Kydex high performance thermoplastic offering unsurpassed impact resistance and durability. Fire and chemical resistant.
  • Mounts to robust brackets welded directly to column.
  • Customizable with various options to add shifters, switches, or touch pads based on equipment requirements.
  • The console’s clear, easy-to-navigate dash panel allows for optimal control and visibility.

Built with cutting-edge features and high-performing materials, the tri-comp console is ready to serve your off-highway vehicle. Contact us to discuss your specific application.

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