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Heavy Duty Tilt Steering Columns

Extremely durable steering column with simultaneous tilt and telescopic motion. Infinite position between 40 degrees of tilt and 3.25 inches of telescopic travel. Below tilt length can be configured per customer specifications.

  • Adjustable clamping handle releases to accommodate tilt/telescopic motion.
  • 40 degree range of pivot, 3.25” range of extension.
  • Rubber boot to protect tilt brackets and locking mechanisms
  • Outer tube and brackets have flat black powder coat finish
  • Shafts are phosphate coated and oil dipped for corrosion protection
  • Fully machined 4140 Steel U-joint
  • Standard Options:
    • BSM #1 Upper for 7/8” 36 tooth serrations and 13/16-20 UNEF thread
    • Flat Flange
    • BSM#1 Lower Shaft Extension of 0.25” from bottom of flange
  • Additional options for length, flange, upper end, lower end, and horn wire configuration. See link below.